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Warhead found in Hillcrest backyard after downpour

The Bomb Squad investigate an old warhead in Hillcrest after rain unearths it in resident's backyard.
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The weekend downpour revealed a dangerous surprise for one Hillcrest homeowner on Sunday afternoon.

A practice warhead was unearthed in the backyard of 3729 Dove Street which initiated an extensive bomb threat investigation.

 NBC 7 is reporting that the owner of the property called 911 just before 3 pm.

 San Diego Fire Department and hazmat crews were on the scene examining the device, until crews from the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) took over their investigation.

MCAS weren’t able to determine if the bomb was active, but after further testing they felt it was safe to move and be destroyed.

SDFD were not able to say if the warhead contained anything; that cannot be determined until further testing.