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Mother gives birth to baby in minivan outside UCSD in Hillcrest

Baby Zoey recreates her birthday after coming into this world on the front seat of a minivan.

Jessica and Drew Salzman are grateful to the medical team who helped deliver their baby outside the Hillcrest UCSD Medical Center’s Emergency Room in September.

NBC News reports that this is the second child for the couple and with their first, Eva, Jessica’s labor lasted four hours.

She knew she was going into labor with her second, but was sent home after the initial visit to the emergency room.

Drew said one of his friends may have jinxed the event that same day.

“I was supposed to do my fantasy football draft,” he told NBC 7. “My buddy makes a comment literally that morning, ‘Bro, you’re not going to have the baby in the car. That only happens on TV.’”

It didn’t take long for the contractions to begin again and the couple were back en route to the hospital

“Next thing I know, we’re in the car and I’m like we need to go now!” she said. “I was like we’re not going to make it. We’re not going to make it. This is my worst nightmare.”

Her husband pulled their van into the entrance of UCSD medical Center and went out to retrieve a wheelchair for his wife.

But her labor was further along than he thought.

“I literally get 20-30 steps away and I hear [the paramedic] say ‘She just had a baby in the car!’” said Drew. “She’s standing on the car, like one foot on the car seat, the other on the dashboard and looking at me like no big deal.”

Jessica says she kept smacking the glass because  she couldn’t open the door.

Paramedic Jose Herrera was nearby and quick to respond, “I heard her screaming. I walked over and as I put my last glove on and open the door, I see baby Zoey on the passenger seat.”

Zoey is now three months old and the couple wanted to personally thank the fast-acting medical team that helped them on that hectic day.  

They reached out to local news station NBC 7, who got in touch with the team and they brought the group together for the first time since September. 

“That was a huge experience. We were lucky with how you handled it,” said Drew to the paramedics.