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Students tricked with Christmas cards, really anti-LGBT pamphlets

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Gay Star News

Schoolchildren in Australia were excited to get on the bus in hopes of receiving an early Christmas after their drivers handed them shiny golden envelopes. But what was inside was not a gift.

Students from Kyabram P-12 College, just north of Melbourne, opened the envelopes to find anti-LGBT pamphlets and literature against same-sex marriage.

Gay Star News is reporting that up to 10 drivers were involved in the political gift-giving.

One pamphlet touted that “Safe Schools,” an Australian coalition which promotes diversity and inclusion in schools, was targeted at parents saying, “Changing the marriage laws will impact your family,”

It then goes on to list examples of how “Safe Schools” is trying to influence their children with pro-LGBT ideals.

“Safe Schools encourages raising LGBTI issues in every subject. One alarmed parent pulled her children out of school after her 14-year-old son was told in science class that he could wear a dress to school.”

Principal Stuart Bott reassured parents that the pamphlet does not reflect the school’s position on marriage equality, and said a member of the community had given the drivers the envelopes to pass out to the kids.

Bott said that parents have been calling the school, concerned that their children received the envelopes and political booklets.

“We are an inclusive school, and are working with families to say that won’t happen again,” he told The Age.

Kyabram is not part of the “Safe Schools” program, and say that they are inclusive regardless of a student’s gender or sexual identity.