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Local entertainer says he got kicked out of Uber for being in drag

Davina Kostiana Love says she was kicked out of an Uber ride for being in drag.
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Davina Kostiana Love - Facebook

One of Hillcrest’s very own drag stars, Davina Love née DJ Castillo, thinks she was a victim of discrimination from an Uber driver when she got kicked her out of the car last Sunday.

According to ABC 10 News, Davina was on her way home in full make up from performing at a drag show in Hillcrest's "Gossip Grill" when she ordered the ridesharing service.

“We were the only people waiting. He pulls up and he seemed really friendly,” Davina said. “A friend of mine, we’re having a conversation, he’s having a hard time and I was like, I wish I could get out of drag, and I was just complaining about being in drag. From there the mood of the driver kind of like, went weird, because all of the sudden he said that we were the wrong people that he picked up."

Davina says she looked at her phone to make sure there wasn’t a mistake, but the app was showing that indeed the driver had accepted her request and she was in the right car. She confirmed this information with him.

"Then he’s like, no, I picked up the wrong person,” she said.

Davina was able to see in real time that the Uber driver had canceled the ride and was returning to "Gossip Grill."

“So, he comes around, drops us off. Asks us to get out of the car. I was like, well, why did you drop us off?" Davina said. "He was like, just please get out of the car."

The news station reached out to the tech company and they provided them with the following statement.

“Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination. When we were made aware of this incident, the driver partner's access to the Uber app was removed."

Another local drag artist, Miss Gay San Diego, Nadya Symone, says she was also a victim of Uber discrimination.

She says several weeks ago she was also in drag and used the service with her friend, a transgender male.

A different driver picked them, but soon asked them to get out of the car while she was still in full make up.

Both Davina and Nadya have filed complaints with Uber.

While Nadya’s case is still pending, Davina told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that Uber is going to call her on Thursday to talk about what happened.

Davina shared some of her correspondence with the company via screenshots from her phone. Uber appears very apologetic of the situation and offers to investigate the matter further:

“We’re sorry to hear about the experience you described with the driver. Under no circumstances should a partner act in a way that makes you uncomfortable during your ride.

Any incident that threatens the safety or well-being of wither party is one we take very seriously.”