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Vandals leave noose hanging from ceiling in Rhode Island LGBT center

The Providence Youth Student Movement was the site of vandals who left a very ominous message.
Photo credit:
Sarath Suong - Facebook

The executive director of the all-inclusive LGBT center Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM) in Rhode Island came into his building Monday morning to find that vandals left an ominous message hanging from the ceiling reports Gay Star News.

In a Facebook post, Sarath Suong said when he entered the center he found multiple things out of place including chairs, scissors and knives stabbed into tables.

But what concerned him the most was a long noose hanging from the rafters. He recounted the incident in an expletive-heavy, passionate post on his Facebook page.


Maybe it was a prank, but IT IS NOT funny. But I don’t think it’s a joke, I think we were sent a CLEAR message. But here’s our message back:

F*ck you. You will not intimidate us, you will not steer us away from our mission, you will never dampen our spirit. You have only motivated us even more.

We will continue to fight for justice and defend our community, our families, and our people.

Oh, and f*ck you.

The PrYSM was founded in 2001 to help queer Southeast Asian youth, their families, and allies in an effort to promote social justice.

In their  mission statement, the PrYSM says they work hard to eradicate hate and inequality within the community:

“We must confront and end cycles of violence in our communities. PrYSM must work towards transforming our communities by building safe spaces that foster accountability, healing, and dialogue.

“We must shift power into the hands of the people through direct action, base building, community coalitions, and youth organizing. PrYSM builds power by centering the experiences of the most oppressed and developing local grassroots leadership.