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AZ church pastor adds to Pride flag after Trump supporter's rampage

Arizona pastor did not back down after a Trump supporter threatened him, in fact he made his stance even more present.
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An inclusive church in Tempe Arizona didn’t back down after an angry reactionary entered their offices and demanded that they take down the pride flag hanging in front of the building.

Community Christian Church’s Pastor Doug Bland said on Facebook, the man, “was using inflammatory, graphic language about gay people and his ‘righteous’ hatred for them.

“He threatened to pay people to protest in front of our church. He said that he was not above spreading lies about pedophilia in our church," reports Pink News.

"He told [office administrator] Keeley that if Hilary had won he would have driven right on by, but since Trump won he felt empowered to speak and act out because the country agrees with him.

“Keeley maintained her cool, but was obviously shaken by the encounter. She did a great job diffusing and not escalating the situation.”

Pink News reports that the police were called and a formal complaint was made by the church. 

Bland wasn’t deterred though, after careful consideration, he added another flag, this one purple which reads, ““LOVERS in a dangerous time”

"We are in a new and very uncertain political world, post-truth and post-civility,” Bland said.

"Some feel that they have been given permission to speak and act in hateful and cruel ways.

"Pray that there will be leaders in our community and our nation who will not tolerate hate, threats and violence.”

Pastor Bland spoke to AZ Family News about his fear of the next four years under Donald Trump's presidency. 

“No matter when we’re living there’s always going to be some kind of cloud hanging over us, conflict we have to face. Right now the division in our country over what does a real democracy look like and how can we be citizens together and move forward as a nation is sort of the cloud that we’re facing.”

He adds, "This is a good opportunity for us to really practice what we preach."

"I hear it as this is really the heart of who we are, that the hate-filled language and acts are an exception to the rule." 

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