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Principal takes gifted Pride flag down at elementary school for 'political' reasons

Lafayette Elementary School in Washington D.C. takes down Pride flag for "political" reasons.
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The principal of Lafayette Elementary School in Washington D.C. says she took down the flag because she is worried about “wading into political waters.”

What’s more, the school is located next to community of Chevy Chase where vice president-elect Pence is living temporarily before he relocates to Number One Observatory Circle come January.

You may recall that this same neighborhood has festooned their porches and stoops with rainbow banners in protest to Pence’s stand against the LGBT community.

Principal Carrie Broquard said the school received the flag as a gift from the neighborhood and decided to fly it, but in light of the current political fervor and her commitment to remain neutral, she removed it from its post.

Broquard wrote a note to parents explaining the decision:

Dear Lafayette Families –

You may have noticed that over the weekend a rainbow flag was hung from the Lafayette sign as a gift from the neighborhood.

As a public school, we welcome all students and families of all identities. We at Lafayette pride ourselves on our diversity and our inclusivity, including but not limited to LGBQT families.

While Lafayette and DCPS are committed to diversity and inclusivity, we also need to be mindful of wading into political waters.

Given the current political landscape, our commitment is to remain neutral. In order to avoid any unwanted attention or to have any symbols misinterpreted as a political action, the flag has been removed.

However, our commitment to inclusivity remain strong. The following are ways that we are celebrating over the next week:

– “We Are Lafayette” lunch assemblies hosted by myself and the student council. We will celebrate the many languages, nations, and cultures that are represented here at Lafayette.

– “We Are Lafayette” poster that was sent home last week. Families are encouraged to create a drawing that represents what makes you such a special contribution to our Lafayette family. We will compile all the posters and create a visual display representing all of us – “We Are Lafayette.”

– Daily messages of inclusion, kindness, and understanding through our Peace Class and Peace Club.