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Trump says Obama helped him with cabinet appointees

“Imagine if Trump and Obama were feuding. The situation would be so much worse.”
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Star Tribune

It’s only matter of weeks before people can officially say “President Donald Trump,” and as Obama moves out and Trump's cabinet moves in he would like you to believe that our current president had something to do with choosing his political force.

The president-elect has many in the LGBT community worried about his assortment of appointed government leaders, especially since the outgoing administration was so diverse and inclusive while the reality star’s ensemble is filled with some of the most anti-gay political figures in modern history.

But Trump says that’s not all his fault. In a recent NBC “Today” interview he claims that he was encouraged by President Obama to select some of his appointees, although he remains tight-lipped about exactly which ones.

“I take his recommendations very seriously. There are some people I will be appointing and I have appointed that he thought very highly of,” Trump said, “I have asked him what he would think of this one and that one. We have a very good dialogue.”

This seems counterproductive given what Trump has said of Obama in the past, calling him a "lousy president,” having done a “bad job.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says even he doesn’t know what’s going in the Trump/Obama relationship, but it would make a great topic in a daytime psychology talk-show such as Dr. Phil.

Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, told the New York Post, “Maybe they are both just making nice the way they are supposed to do during the transition. Even if they are pretending, it’s a good thing, since the country is so divided.”

“Imagine if Trump and Obama were feuding. The situation would be so much worse.”

As Time Magazine’s “2016 Person of the Year,” Trump reiterated his admiration for Obama and gave him further accolades.

“We talked about some of the potential appointments that I would make. I wanted to get his opinion. And he gave me some opinions on some people that were very interesting to me, and that meant something to me. I believe in asking people," Trump said.