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Another conservative Christian billboard appears over Hillcrest

Another conservative billboard goes up at the entrance of Hillcrest.

The anti-LGBT religious organization Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) have put another of their billboards at the entrance of Hillcrest, this time declaring that “Jesus is Alive,” beyond reasonable doubt apparently; completely segregating whole populations who may think otherwise.

The sign appears on Washington Street between 1st and 3rd Avenues just as you’re heading into Hillcrest from the west. Hillcrest is San Diego’s LGBT district.

The current message doesn’t seem as forceful as the one they posted this past January which stated, “in the beginning God created…”  

There are plenty of LGBT-inclusive Christian ministries in San Diego, but knowing the organization behind this billboard is vehemently against gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender folks puts a different spin to their statement, especially heading into Hillcrest. 

Here’s what they say about homosexuality on their website:

Knowing then that Almighty God did in fact create heterosexuality in Adam and Eve and pronounced His blessing upon them, is there also a Biblical passage where God pronounced His blessing upon homosexuality—man with man, or woman with woman?

The answer is NO.

Homosexuality is not found in the creation, and was not pronounced good by God.

Ultimately, if we are going to look to the Word of God as our guide, we will be forced to conclude that homosexuality was not a part of God’s design.

No strangers to billboard evangelism (they have a whole website dedicated to it) CAM erects these large divine advertisements around the country.