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Seven story mixed-use building may be coming to Hillcrest

Mixed-use building could be coming in to fill in some of the empty space in Hillcrest.
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There could be a seven-story mixed-use development coming to Hillcrest, ABC-10 News is reporting.

The parking lot on Robinson and Seventh Avenues would be replaced with a large apartment building with retail space on the ground floor.

Some are saying that the removal of the lot and the subsequent building would impact Hillcrest’s already problematic parking situation.

Marco Anzures told the news station that he and his wife already face the challenge of having two cars but only one parking spot, “it makes it tough,” he said.

Anzures feels that if the parking affects the people who live in the area it might also be taking its toll on local businesses as well.

"Sometimes businesses don't stick around longer and we thought maybe it is because of parking," Anzures said.

The seven-story building being proposed would be built in the large parking lot adjacent to the AT&T building on Robinson Avenue.  It would have more than 100 apartments with nine for very low income tenants.

There would also be shopping at street-level with parking underground and a separate garage.

A spokesman for the city thinks the project could get the green light as early as 30 days without a public hearing.

However, the Planning Commission could still appeal the project.

Executive Director of the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA), Benjamin Nicholls is enthusiastic about the apartment building and says more could be coming.

"We're not going to have rely on parking as much," he said. "People are going to live above the restaurants, and so we're going to get that walkability we've seen in North Park and Little Italy."