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Escape room game 'Lockdown' coming to Hillcrest

Las Vegas escape-the-room franchise coming to Hillcrest
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Jim Winsor - Facebook

The old Obelisk Mercantile which was open for business in Hillcrest for over 20 years closed it’s doors for good in July 2015, but a new sign reading only “Lockdown" has appeared over its entranceway causing many to wonder what it is. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News did some investigating and found out that Lockdown is a popular “escape the room” physical puzzle adventure with franchises in Las Vegas and Phoenix.

According to the website, in Lockdown, “you are ‘locked’ into a room full of mysteries. You have to find the way out in 60 minutes through understanding the story of the room and solving all the puzzles.”

Some themes currently being played in Las Vegas are “Pharaoh’s Curse,” “Hostage Rescue,” “Mob Boss,” and “Crazy Professor.” Each game ranges from easy to medium difficulty levels.

There can be as many as eight players depending on the level of play and costs $35 per person.

The San Diego Lockdown will have four rooms.

The company is currently looking for room testers and those who subscribe here can be the first to try out the adventure before it opens. 

SDGLN reached out to the company, but they have yet to respond.

No specific opening date has been  established at this time. 

Lockdown will be located at 1037 University Ave. San Diego, CA, 92103