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Conservative anti-Target campaign gets site shut down for being 'hateful'

Conservative group wants people to boycott Target this holiday shopping season.
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The Target transgender bathroom policy controversy is getting new life by conservatives nearly eight months after the store released this statement of inclusion on their website:

"We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity."

The group known as 2nd Vote has organized a movement to boycott the big box retailer now through New Year’s because they feel the store is putting "politics over common sense and safety."

The hashtag #AnywhereButTarget is being used on social media by those who wish to make known they are in support of the boycott.

Executive Director of 2nd Vote Lance Wray says, “We don’t want to pay for Target’s liberal agenda. That’s why this Christmas we’re shopping anywhere but Target.”

The campaign stalled nearly a day after it was initiated when the web hosting company in charge of  AnywhereButTarget.com shut it down; the hosting company felt the content was “hateful or discriminatory."

“It is the Liberals who constantly tout tolerance and inclusion go out of their way to silence ideas they disagree with,” said Wray after the site went black. “To say our campaign is about inequality, intolerance, hate, discrimination or devaluing anyone is flat wrong, it’s about common sense and safety. But, some of the truest hate and intolerance we’ve seen has come from the liberal responses to our campaign.”

However, the hashtag as a boycott symbol remains in use. Some shoppers are remaining loyal to the retail chain through the holidays despite the controversy.

“It's been a very good tool to gain rights,” Josh Sohmer told NBC 7. ”And I think it’s a little ironic now boycotting is being used to take away rights of a store being so accepting and progressive.”