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Republican lawmaker stammers in interview regarding sexting teen boy

While he was mayor, Republican mayor Mike Yenni admits to sexting teen boy, but that he's not gay.
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The Advocate

Ex-mayor of Kenner Louisiana, and current president of Jefferson Parish, Mike Yenni (R), says although he made “improper texts” to a 17-year-old boy, he is “not gay.”

A Fox-8 news interview with the Republican politician yields no explanations as to why Yenni engaged with the young college man in 2014, other than to say it was a “stupid action.”

 When the interviewer asks about his intent with the exchange, “It was something that I can’t explain why I did it,” he offers.

Yenni married his wife Michelle in 2011. The texting scandal started when a story emerged in a 2014 article titled “I was seduced by a politician” in student news website The Tab.

The un-named author of that article, a Brown University student, claims that he was part of a sexual texting exchange with a politician who he names only as “Kevin.” The story goes on to say that “Kevin” gave him underwear and kissed him.

Although Yenni admits to the texts, he would not admit if the underlying accusations in the article are about him specifically. Or if the "Kevin" referenced in the article is actually him.

“That is a story that was written for a tabloid,” he tells Fox-8. “There are a lot of elements of that story I truly believe are certainly fictional.”

“So, what is fiction in here?” the reporter asks.

Yenni still avoids a solid answer, wanting to avoid a he said/he said scenario.

“What I apologize for is what I did,” Yenni says. “I sent inappropriate text messages. One thing the author of that story and I can absolutely agree on, is that there was no sex.”

Further in the interview, Yenni admits to meeting the college student in-person serendipitously, ”not a scheduled meeting," he says. 

In the end, Yenni blames others who he feels wanted to discredit him using "veiled gay bashing," and labeling him as something he's not, "I'm not gay," he says.

Yenni hasn't broken any under-age sex laws, as consent in Louisiana is 17.

However, he could be accused of sending inappropriate texts to someone under 18, a violation of federal law.  

You can see the full interview below: