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Eddie Izzard stands up for trans people in front of English court

Eddie Izzard stands up for trans folks at his day in court.
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English celebrity and transgender comedian Eddy Izzard appeared in court on Friday to defend himself against a man who threatened him and flung homophobic slurs at the 54-year-old entertainer.

Izzard said his appearance in court was a statement in support of the transgender community and, "thousands of years of transgender people being aggressively attacked.”

Jamie Penny, 24, was brought before the court where they heard that on April 3, while Izzard was loading up his classic Volkswagen Beetle with packages, Penny approached him and demanded that the celebrity give him a ride.

Izzard refused, which led Penny to say, “Izzard, we are going to do your house when you are away."

Responding to the threat, Izzard says he fired back with expletives, calling Penny a "f***ing idiot" and to "f*** off.”

The stand-up comic told the court he was thrown at the man’s behavior, “"It was aggressive. It had gone up into a verbal attack. He was walking away but shouting aggressively at me."

Approximately a month later, Izzard says he encountered Penny again, this time outside Victoria station. Penny yelled, "you're a f***ing poofter!" 

In the courtroom on Friday, Izzard wore high-heeled boots, pink fingernails, and a green scarf.

"I am tough,” he told the magistrates, “I have run marathons, I wanted to stand up for myself otherwise you become a victim."

Penny denies telling Izzard he was going to “do” his house, and it instead it was his companion that made the threat.

In relation to the second incident, Penny says it was Izzard who was harassing a black man and he's the one who stepped in, telling Izzard to,  “go to hell,” denying that he made the “poofter" remark. 

Penny went on to say from the court's dock that Izzard isn’t gay, therefore, “why would I shout homophobic abuse at you if you're not gay?" he asked before blowing the comic a kiss.

The court was made aware that Penny had previous assault convictions, and would be given a restraining order. He also must pay for court costs and compensation.

Penny was found guilty of "two counts of using threatening and abusive words or behavior with intent to cause harassment, alarm or distress," according to The Western Telegraph

Izzard said outside the courtroom, "I do look a little bit different but hopefully in this century people are relaxing about it. Hopefully we've got to boring. When LGBT hits boring, then we've made it."