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Gay Massachusetts Mayor harassed for the second time in a week

Alex Morses' campaign sign defaced with off-color commentary.
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The out gay Mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts, Alex Morse, has been the victim of two personal attacks based on his sexuality this week, one a little more disparaging than the other.

"Alex, You are one of the most selfish people that I know due to your 'gay' lifestyle. You are going down," read the anonymous letter he received on Monday of last week.

On Sunday, the mayor was informed that one of his old campaign signs had been vandalized with the words “suck's litteally” added to his name. It appears the vandal was trying to spell the word "literally." They also wrote: "www.gay.com."

The mayor took a little time to go over and see the defaced sign for himself, taking pictures of it.

Masslive.com reports that Mayor Morse isn’t sure if the letter and the graffiti are related, but he made sure police knew about both.

"I'm a very strong person, so I don't get personally upset about it. I think it's important that people be aware of this kind of action," Morse said in a phone interview.

Morse has been out since he was in high school at the age of sixteen. He began the Holyoke High Gay/Straight Alliance, then became the city’s youngest elected mayor at 22.

"I've never wavered from my resolve," Morse said.

As the country is politically charged after the 2016 election and minority groups are concerned about the incoming administration's attitude toward them, many incidents of hate themed defacements have been reported throughout the country.

Morse says that he publicized the letter and the sign to show that such activities are not to be tolerated.

"I just want every resident in Holyoke to know that we're stronger than this," Morse said.