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Missing accident victim found in Sweetwater Channel

Anthony J. Romero's body was found in Sweetwater River days after being missing in an auto accident.
Photo credit:
Anthony Romero - Facebook

In a disturbing discovery, a cyclist spotted a body floating in the Sweetwater Channel south of Route 54 on Friday.

The deceased, identified as Anthony J. Romero (AJ), was involved in a collision between a bus and a car on I-5 earlier in the week at approximately 2 am Tuesday, but police were unable to locate his body after the crash.

Police considered him a missing person. 

However, on Friday, police responded to a call from local fisherman and cyclist Art Sanchez who reported seeing a body floating in the channel.

The victim’s father Antonio Romero was also able to confirm that the deceased was indeed his 26-year-old son Anthony J. Romero.

Police say that they found blood in Romero’s car when they investigated the scene the night of the collision, but were unable to locate him at the time. 

A.J. Romero was a student at UC San Diego where he was studying international studies with interest in getting his real estate license.