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Gay Tennessee man found murdered in trucking lot

Police are investigating a stabbing death in Tenn., as a possible hate crime.
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NewsChannel 5

A gay man was found stabbed to death in West Nashville earlier this week, reports The Tennessean.

Police are investigating the death of Deon L. Brown, 24, who was found stabbed to death at a local trucking annex business called West Express.

His death is a result of multiple stab wounds according to a Nashville police.

Emergency crews were the first on the scene at about 6:22 am Monday morning, responding to reports of a shooting, but when they arrived they found Brown already deceased.

The department called police and they took over the investigation.

Reports say that Brown was dressed in female attire when they found him. But nobody at this time can confirm if Brown identified as transgender. 

News Channel 5 Network is reporting that police are seeking out a person of interest named William Gadsen for questioning after it is believed he drove Brown’s car to North Carolina.

Brown didn’t have any identification and police were forced to wait 24-hours before they could notify the next-of-kin.

Brown’s friends believe that his death is a hate crime.

“The way that he was murdered would make me think that it was a hate crime,” Charity Everett said, “It makes me feel that you had nothing but hate in order to take the life in the manner that you did.” 

A candlelight vigil for Brown will be held on Friday at the beauty salon where he worked.