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San Diego ZIP codes that made largest contributions to Trump campaign

Del Mar, San Diego
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San Diegans who financially supported Donald Trump donated nearly $3.5 million dollars toward his campaign reports The San Diego Union Tribune.

These numbers are based on federal donation data.

The Federal Election Commission records show that ZIP codes in Del Mar, San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe were the biggest contributors, giving about $1.8 million.

La Jolla was next on the list giving $122,000 to the Trump/Pence campaign.

Some of the biggest contributions came from San Diego professionals such as weight-loss mogul Jenny Craig and animal rights proponent Madeleine Pickens, each giving $305,400.

The Tribune says each contribution analyzed was made to “Donald Trump's campaign, victory fund and Super PACs and joint-fundraising committees that are listed as pro-Trump by OpenSecrets.”

They add that only committees that solely supported Trump’s presidential race were included in the analysis.

That information was culled from ZIP codes recorded from donation records.

In the case of a P.O. Box, the data was contributed to a single location such as the post office rather than the larger geographic area.

Click HERE to see a map of San Diego communities who supported president-elect Donald Trump. 

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