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Uptown Community Plan update approved

Approval of the Uptown Community Plan could mean the end of shuttered Pernicano's.
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The update to the Uptown Community Plan got approved by The City Council and that could mean some changes are coming to Hillcrest and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Councilmember Todd Gloria announced last night that after nearly 30-years since the Uptown Community Plan was initialized, this latest approved update means it is conformance with the City’s General Plan and Climate Action Plan.

The approval also means urban design concerns have been addressed.

Councilmember Gloria said in a statement that this new approval not only complies with the City's General and Climate Action Plans, but sets the right course for the city’s future. 

“With this update,” Gloria said, “we will be able to foster vibrant, walkable, and transit-oriented communities in Uptown that reduces automobile dependency, protects the integrity of our historic resources, and embraces new urban growth.”

Benjamin Nicholls, Executive Director of the Hillcrest Business Association, is also enthusiastic at the prospects this new plan will provide.

“I am excited that after eight years of work by community folks and city staff, we have a new community plan for Hillcrest and Uptown,” said Nicholls. “Development in Hillcrest has been stalled for over a decade.  With this new plan, we can look forward to some exciting new construction at long shuttered locations including the Pernicano's property."

Highlights of the approved update are:

  • Closing the gap in the University Avenue Bike Lane to improve bicycle/pedestrian safety and increase bicycle infrastructure in accordance with the City’s Climate Action Plan.
  • Rezoning residential areas of Mission Hills by lowering density to protect the single-family character of its neighborhoods.
  • Providing discretionary review for building or development in the commercial areas of Mission Hills in excess of 50 feet in height.
  • Maintaining and expanding a 30-foot height restriction west of Park Boulevard in University Heights to preserve community character.

This plan affects all District Three neighborhoods including Bankers Hill, Hillcrest, Middletown, Mission Hills, and University Heights.