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Trump says gay marriage is the law, 'It's done, I'm fine with that'

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CBS Evening News - YouTube

In his first interview since winning the presidential election, Donald Trump has gone on record and said that marriage equality is safe.

On Sunday, the presidential-elect and his family were interviewed by 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl in which she asked him, “One of the groups that is expressing fear; the LGBTQ group…”

Trump interrupts the host asking, “Didn’t I mention them at the Republican National Convention? And everybody said that was so great.” He adds, “I have been a supporter.”

 Stahl then asks him specifically about marriage-equality and if he supports that.

"It's irrelevant because it was already settled, It’s law. It was settled in the Supreme Court,” Trump says. “I mean, it’s done.”

“These cases have gone to the Supreme Court. They’ve been settled, and I’m fine with that.”

Trump also said in the interview he will still repeal and replace Obamacare, but it won't be as drastic as he had promised from the campaign trail.

He said people with pre-conditions will still be covered "It happens to be one of the strongest assets. Also children living with their parents for an extended period we're going...very much try and keep that in - it adds cost, but it's very much something we're going to try and keep."

Assuring the public that there won't be a gap in healthcare coverage once he does replace it, Trump said, "We're not gonna have like a two-day period, and we're not going to have a two-year period where there's nothing," he said. "It'll be great healthcare for much less money."

You can hear Donald Trump’s remarks about marriage equality in the video directly below at mark 0:42.

After that, you can hear his plans for Obamacare: