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Orange County man burned, 'tortured' by his boyfriend

Will Rossetter says that he was drugged by his boyfriend a week ago, then handcuffed and dragged into the shower.
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[UPDATE: 09-18-17 the accused  Adem Porturkovic reached out to SDGLN with a copy of the Irvine Police Department document dated 7/26/2017 which states he will not be prosecuted on any charges because of lack of proof of abuse detailed by the victim in the article below.]

[UPDATE: SDGLN was able to confirm with the Irvine Police Department that Adem Porturkovic was arrested on Nov. 9 on charges of aggrevated mayem, kidnapping, torture, and corporal injury on spouse or cohabitant.]

[UPDATE: SDGLN talked to the District Attorney's Office who said they have insufficient evidence at this time and cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that a crime occured, therefore will not be filing a case]

Financial executive Will Rossetter, 28, from Laguna Beach California is in the burn unit at LAC+USC Medical Center after he says he was tortured and suffered burns at the hands of his boyfriend.

Details of this event are coming from from San Diego resident and close friend Scott Robeson and a GoFundMe page set up to help with the victim's medical and living expenses.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News also spoke to the victim from his hospital bed, he says it's hard to put into words exactly what he's feeling. 

"I don’t know how I could have prevented it," Rosetter said. "I thought I was safe with him."

Information contained in the GoFundMe page says was drugged by his boyfriend last week, then handcuffed and dragged into the shower.

It claims that Adam Clifford née Adem Porturkovic,  23, from Irvine also tied Rossetter's genitals up with a shoe string and began burning him with a cigarette over his entire body including his face.

Clifford then gagged him, put a bag over his face and poured scalding water all over his body and genitals causing second and third-degree burns.

Rossetter says that the pain is excrutiating and when they change the dressing, it feels as though his genitals are going to fall off. 

He has been recovering in the burn ward for nearly a week and doctors are hopeful there is no permanent damage.

When asked if there were any clues to Collins' violent behavior during the six months they had been dating he replied, “He went to a good school, and very cute; very smart; very funny, made me laugh."

He adds, "We connected on a very high level. There was no signs of violence, not at all.”

Clifford was arrested on Nov. 9, and taken to Central Men's Jail in Orange County. He is being held on $1 million bail.  

Rossetter also says that he hasn’t spoken to his parents, they haven't communicated since he came out to them eight years ago. 

“It’s really hard to put what I’m feeling into words right now," he says, "I’m feeling a million different emotions.”

When asked what he would convey to those who think they know the person they're dating he says be cautious. 

"There was no warning for me."

Rossetter had just started a new job before the attack and fears that it may be lost due to his situation. He fears future employers may look negatively on his story as well. 

The GoFundMe page has been set up to raise $50,000 for Rossetter. 

He has had two surgical procedures and will need follow-up care as he heals.

The arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 14. 

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe page click HERE

This is a developing story and SDGLN will update it as more information becomes available.