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Trump appoints anti-LGBT conservatives to his transition team

Blackwell has also said, just as people make choices to be a kleptomaniac so to do they choose to be gay.
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Fierce anti-LGBT politicians are reportedly being appointed to Trump’s transition team to examine domestic issues.

As Donald Trump prepares to make the transition from candidate to president, he has allegedly assembled a crew of people to examine various government departments before he officially enters the Oval Office.

One of those alleged people is reactionary Ken Blackwell from Ohio. Blackwell will be examining the government offices of education, environmental protection, labor, transportation, health and human services and education, housing and urban development according to a document obtained by Politico.

He is in with The Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT religious organization that has feverishly denounced gay rights. It’s leader, Tony Perkins, likened the gay rights movement to a Nazi take-over with Christians being hauled off in boxcars.

Blackwell has also said, just as people make choices to be a kleptomaniac so too do they choose to be gay.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is also concerned with two other people who have been selected for this presidential duty: Ed Meese and Kay Cole James.

In a statement, the HRC gives reasons why these politicians are a threat to LGBT rights:

Former Attorney General Ed Meese is a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, an organization that asserts that laws protecting LGBTQ people are not “necessary” and “weaken the marriage culture and the freedom of citizens and their associations to affirm their religious or moral convictions…” According to NBC, the conservative Heritage Foundation is helping vet candidates for Trump’s Cabinet. Meese supported Indiana’s disastrous religious refusal law passed under Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, saying it “has nothing to do with refusing to serve gay people.” Meese has also said that marriage equality “shows how the culture has deteriorated over two centuries.”

Kay Cole James, president and founder of the Gloucester Institute, is a former senior vice president of the Family Research Council and a former director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. She worked in the administrations of both George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. The Advocate reported that in her book Transforming America from the Inside Out, James compared LGBTQ people to drug addicts, alcoholics, adulterers, or “anything else sinful.’”

Blackwell was the Cincinnati Mayor and is a member of the National Rifle Association, and Club for Growth. He also a senior fellow at the Family Research Council. 

President-elect Trump is set to be sworn into his new position on Friday, January 20.