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UC San Diego becomes anti-Trump protest site

Demonstrators converge on UC San Diego in protest to presidential outcome.
Photo credit:
Steven Flamingo - Twitter

University students across California have swarmed their campuses and beyond in protest to the news of Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

KPBS reports that nearly 300 students marched through the streets near UC San Diego in La Jolla early Wednesday morning, just after getting the news Trump had won.

One protestor was struck by a car in the early hours of the morning and was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital according to a police report.

Social media videos of the masses shouting “Not my President,” and other expletive-heavy chants toward the president-elect appeared in news feeds.

Among some of the hashtags used were “notmypresident," "UCSDprotest" and "calexit."

Further north, police report at least 500 people gathered in the streets near UCLA yelling their disapproval of the election results. 

 Demonstrations were also held in Berkeley, Irvine and San Jose State reports KPBS.