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Teen's shirt warns he'll kill gays if they approach him

Homophobic t-shirt worn by teen causes concern in Western Ottawa Canada.
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An 18-year-old Canadian has sparked some controversy over his clothing preference this week, when he decided to wear a disturbing homophobic t-shirt.

LGBTQ Nation reports that Julian Clement was at a lodge function in Canada’s capital city on Saturday night, when a concerned woman noticed the back of his t-shirt which read “ATG” in large print; an acronym he would later tell CTV (Canada’s broadcast network) meant “Anti-Gay.”

Perhaps most concerning was the subtext which reads in smaller type, “If you are gay, don't approch [sic] me. I'll kill you."

The woman quickly pulled out her phone and took a picture of the shirt and posted it to Facebook, saying, “All 16 of us were appalled.” 

Lodge owner Grant Sanders said once it was brought to her attention she tried to investigate, but Clement was already gone, “The moment we got wind of it, we absolutely tried to take action."

Reporters from CTV were finally able to interview Clement who said, “I hate gays for real.”

In fact, Clement belongs to a gang of young men called "ATG," and they carry the same sentiments towards gay people as he does. 

He admits to receiving death threats, but isn’t worried about it.

West Ottawa Police are investigating the teen and his motivations for wearing the offensive garment as well as some of the comments made on social media.

CTV reports that Clements may be charged with hate speech.

One of Clements’ friends, Yan Miller, also has the same shirt, and told reporters:

“They (gay people) can have a gay flag or they can have a parade but we can’t have a shirt?” he asked.

Clement said that the shirt is meant as a warning and if a gay person approaches him, there will be consequences. 

You can watch the full CTV report HERE