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Tamperer won't see jail time after acid in lube attempt

His actions set off an alarm and he was promptly arrested; nobody was hurt.
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European LGBT publication Pink News is reporting that the man accused of putting hydrochloric acid inside a sex club lubrication dispenser will not face any jail time.

Last August, Hengky Irawan, 62, took a knife, funnel and a bottle of acid with him to the Arrows Club in Sydney where he tampered with one of the dispensers in hopes of adding acid to the lube.

His actions set off an alarm and he was promptly arrested; nobody was hurt.

Irawan was charged with administering poison intended to injure or cause distress or pain as well as entering a building with intent to commit an "indictable offense and malicious damage."

The saboteur’s first court hearing was in September, however his lawyer said his client is mentally ill and the tampering was “irrational, uncharacteristic episode.”

The lawyer stands firm that Irawan was not trying to commit a hate crime, instead he was in the midst of a “depressive episode” calling his entire mental health into question.

However, police prosecutor Nathan Blatch says the assailant and his motivations are the, “textbook example of motivation for hatred of people.”

“[He] knows it to be a place where sexual intercourse takes place,” Blatch said.

Magistrate Beverly Schurr believes differently, saying Irawan was not motivated my homophobia, instead he had a personal grudge with the establishment.

Schurr said: “It was directed towards patrons at the nightclub because he felt aggrieved about being kicked out earlier in the year.”

“[It was] not about their sexual orientation … [He was] angry about being excluded himself," she adds. 

 Irawan received a good behavior bond in lieu of jail time.