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Trump holds up inverted Pride flag at Colorado rally on Sunday

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Reuters - Twitter

With only a few days left before people take to the polls and cast their ballots for the next President of the United States, Donald Trump held a rally at the University of Northern Colorado on Sunday and was handed a Pride flag from an audience member which he held up in front of the crowd; it was also upside-down. 

Trump looks a little awkward as he displays the rainbow banner with the words “LGBTs for Trump.”

The presidential hopeful has not been a proponent for the LGBT community. His vague espousal early on in the campaign turned into choices that are in direct conflict with their cause.  

For instance, he has continually said that he will appoint Supreme Court Judges who will overturn marriage equality.

His running mate Mike Pence is perhaps one of the most anti-LGBT politicians in the country, who has fought tirelessly to remove human rights protections from the community. He also wanted to divert funds from HIV research and channel them into conversion therapy programs.

Pence also signed an Indiana bill in 2013 making it a crime for same-sex couples to apply for marriage licenses, going so far as to suggest that clerks issuing them would also be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Trump also supports The First Amendment Defense Act which he said he will sign if elected. This would allow businesses to openly discriminate against the LGBT community based on religious beliefs.

The Log Cabin Republicans, a national LGBT reactionary group, once said that Trump was the most “pro-LGBT” Republican presidential candidate in history, until last week when they revoked their endorsement, stating that “LGBT citizens should be protected from persecution.”

The United States presidential election date is Tuesday, November 8.