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Equality House riddled with bullet holes and homophobic graffiti

Equality House is riddled with graffiti this week.
Photo credit:
Aaron Jackson

TOPEKA, Kansas, -- The Equality House in Kansas was the victim of not only anti-LGBT spray-painted graffiti this week, but something potentially more deadly.

According to our media partners The Huffington Post Queer Voices, Aaron Jackson, President of Planting Peace, was asleep inside the rainbow painted house on October 23, when he began to hear strange noises coming from outside.

After alerting the police, they discovered that the building’s Pride flags had been removed and thrown into the middle of the street and the words “Fuk Fags” had been spray painted in black along the colorful exterior.

In a slightly more frightening discovery, a few days after the vandalism attack, Jackson discovered seven bullet holes in the building’s windows at the site of the vitriolic slur.

Jackson says that an investigation is still underway.

He told the Huffington Post that the vandalism to the Equality House is a direct indication of the hate LGBT people experience every day.

“Planting Peace has seen an increase in hate mail, death threats and physical acts of vandalism and violence over the past three months,” Jackson said. “According to the FBI, the LGBT community is more likely to experience a hate crime than any other minority group.”

He adds that legislation has made great advances in the acceptance of diversity, “but we still have substantial work to do to change people’s hearts and minds, which is the most important change.”

Planting Peace is a gentle maverick fighting against anti-LGBT organizations. They express their views in unique, artful and highly public ways.  

Perhaps the best-known rebellion was the installation of the rainbow-painted equality house just across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church in 2013.

And just this year, they purchased the lot next door and painted that home with the colors of the transgender flag in a show of LGBT solidarity.