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Golden Hill, North Park get community plan approval from City Council

The City approved Community Plan Updates that have been in the works since 2009.
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The San Diego City Council may have just secured the development futures of the Greater Golden Hill and Greater North Park communities on Tuesday.

The City approved Community Plan Updates that have been in the works since 2009.

Both plans were supported by their respective Community Planning Groups.

Councilmember Todd Gloria said the communities are two of San Diego’s most treasured.

“I am proud that the plans the Council approved today balance the priorities of preserving their rich historic character with responsibly locating growth so that new housing opportunities can encourage more climate friendly lifestyles,” Gloria said. 

"These plan updates add new housing capacity to both of these communities, allowing new units to be built to address San Diego’s housing affordability crisis.

"I thank and commend the volunteers on our Community Planning Groups for their eight years of effort on these plans and for productively working on solutions to address San Diego’s housing needs.”

The community plans for both neighborhoods were last updated 30-years ago. They provided regulations on maximum density and height limitations for new housing and businesses.

Both communities have little undeveloped land, and the new focus is on higher density and increased height limits with development along corridors giving access to high quality transit; taking into account the City’s Climate Action Plan. 

Councilmember Gloria has been an advocate for keeping San Diego environmentally sound. In a Smart Growth and Land Use Committee hearing in early October he asked for detailed analysis of how the new plans would help reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Gloria pushed for more projects that include increased biking, walking and public transit use.

He also wants to preserve the historic integrity of Golden Hill and North Park, keeping some buildings and homes unchanged for posterity.

Staff will examine seven historic districts in the next three years with emphasis on the Golden Hill and North Park regions, keeping the public in the fold asking for feedback every step of the way.  

“It was vital that these plans provide protection for historic neighborhoods and help the City meet our Climate Action Plan goals, as they are the roadmap for development in these communities for the next several decades,” said Councilmember Gloria. 

“Having a good community plan is one part of the equation, but ultimately the market must build the plans out and make them a reality.

"It will be up to future Councils and Mayors to monitor the success of these plans and make plan amendments to make sure we are promoting responsible growth in the City and doing enough to conserve San Diego’s environment for future generations.”

The Community Plan Updates for Greater Golden Hill and Greater North Park will require a second reading and a 30-day statutory period before taking effect.

The Community Plan Update for the Uptown Community is expected to come before the City Council on November 14, 2016.