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Scotland embraces their LGBT politicians, making it 'the gayest Parliament in the world'

The Scottish Parliament is one of the most progressive legislative bodies in the world.
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Andrew Reynolds, a North Carolina professor who studies political bodies and their LGBT members says, “Scotland has the gayest Parliament in the world.” 

Reynolds spoke to The New York Times for their story about Scotland and it’s progressive political shifts when it comes to embracing the LGBT community.

There are 129 members of the Scottish Parliament, 10 of those, or 8-percent, are out.

In contrast the United States Congress which oversees a population 60-times greater than Scotland’s, has six elected House members and one senator who are openly gay.

Ms. Davidson of the Scottish Conservatives frequently appeared with her partner in campaign broadcasts, eventually overtaking the Labour Party as the main opposition party in Scotland.

“We’ve come a very, very long way in a really short time,” she said.

However, politicians say there is still a lot  more to do.

Statistics show that bullying is a constant problem in schools especially for trans students and reported hate crimes against LGBT people are up by 20-percent over 2015.

Scotland’s Parliament is still relatively young, established in 1999.  

“It's a big cultural shift,” said openly gay Scottish Labour Party leader Kezia Dugdale, “When you say you're gay, people just shrug their shoulders. There is almost a feeling of 'so what?'”

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