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Gay UK Lord Mayor reports hate crime at Bieber concert

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Chris Payne - Northern Soul

A Justin Bieber concert in the Manchester, U.K got a little heated on Sunday night when their openly gay Lord Mayor Carl Austin-Behan says he was attacked verbally by two girls who called him homophobic slurs.

The Lord Mayor says the incident took place before Bieber’s concert at the Manchester Arena when two women allegedly called him a “dirty faggot” and a “dirty gay.”

Both women were reported to be in their teens and arguing with a “ticket seller” reports Gay Star News. One of them then said, “I’m not paying that to see a dirty gay.”

Overhearing the slur Austin-Behan approached the girls to which they responded, “Are you gay? Are you a dirty gay? Are you a dirty faggot?”

Police say they got a call on Monday morning about the verbal attack against Austin-Behan that happened about 6:50 am the night before.

The mayor spoke with The Guardian about the incident and his filed report.

“I’m in a privileged position at the moment as the lord mayor and one of the things I’ve stood my ground on is that we need to make sure we report hate crime and get that message across,” he said.

“The fact of highlighting that it’s still out there – however small it is, you still have to report it – because there are still people out there who feel it’s all right to be abusive.

He told the publication that he is a strong person and he can take it, but he still finds slurs against someone' s sexuality offensive and hurtful.  

He adds: “It’s important that we stand our ground and that we demand the respect we should get. It may seem trivial to some people, a bit of name-calling, but it’s highly offensive.”

Photo: Chris Payne - Northern Soul