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Former Negotiating Committee member distances herself from new San Diego Pride group

Some former members of community negotiating committee say they did not want to be part of the open letter to San Diego Pride.
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Timothy Rawles - SDGLN

In the continuous fracture that has driven a wedge between the San Diego Pride Board and the community, other members have stepped forward to voice their concern over the seemingly never-ending stalemate which plagues the organization. 

This time, criticism comes from two people; one fomerly of the now disbanded Community Negotiating Committee and the other, Robert Leyh, Festival Manager of San Diego Pride who was consulted by the committee during their meetings.     

A new group called the Pride Community Accountability Committee (PCAC) has taken its place. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News released this week an open-letter from the PCAC to the Board with their terms and conditions they wish to be amended, and what they are ready to do if those urgencies aren't fixed post-haste.

Some in the negotiating committee formed the PCAC. They claimed to have been met with hostile and disrespectful bombasting by a few Pride Board members at several meetings. The PCAC will hold a town Hall meeting on November 13, in which they will call on the public to vote no-confidence in the standing Board. 

However, to compound the matter even more, Henderson and Leyh say, while they disagree with the current Board's course of inaction, they won't participate in some of the retaliatory measures outlined by PCAC.

Henderson told SDGLN that she did not want her name associated with the letter, and was never part of the group, but was too late in requesting her name be removed before it was released. 

She and Leyh have sent SDGLN their positions regarding the Board and the PCAC in the following letter:

"In response to the formation of the Pride Accountability Committee [PCAC] and it’s letter to the San Diego Pride Board, we feel it is important that you hear from us.

While we have been disappointed with the conduct of the Board and its failure to communicate, we are determined to show our support for the staff of San Diego Pride and the hundreds of volunteers that make everything at Pride happen.  

We have no intention of participating in a volunteer boycott or being part of any parallel organization that may be created.

We believe that the fractured relationship between the Pride Board and our community can be healed and we can all begin to move forward in a direction that this community can continue to be proud of. "

Martha Henderson, Community Partnership Manager San Diego Pride

Robert Leyh, Festival Manager San Diego Pride"

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy of the PCAC says the position of his orgnization relies on the convening at the town hall meeting and allowing the community decide. He believes that the Board and negotiating committee may be out of touch and neither party has a clear picture of what the community wants.  

"Do they want the current board and structure to be the embodiment of our community's pride?" he asks."Do they want some thing new? Or do they want the current structure to be held accountable? These are the questions we look to get to the bottom of. Only then will we have a solution."

The PCAC will hold their town hall meeting on Sunday, November 13, at 2 pm at the Joyce Beers Community Center located on Vermont St, San Diego, 92103. 

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