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First gay Aboriginal MP advocates for LGBT, indigenous rights in Australia

Chansey Paech for Namatjira 2016
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The newly elected member for Northern Territory Labor MLA for Namatjira, Chansey Paech, gave an inspirational speech at the Northern Territory parliament in Australia on Tuesday.

“I am young, I am gay, I am black; a true blue Territorian,” he said, addressing fellow politicians. 

Paech, 28, is the first openly gay indigenous politician. He told Parliament that he will not compromise who he is for the sake of politics.

“I am eternally proud of who I am and where I come from, I own it and wear it with pride,” he said in his address. “I am a Centralian man. I am the son of a proud Aboriginal woman and a man who was a proud product of multiculturalism, a German immigrant.”

Originally from Alice Springs, Paech said that the day will come when Australia will support marriage equality and improved rights for indigenous people.

“I look forward to the day when this country will recognise my rights as equal rights, when I too can marry in my country, on my country, as a recognised first Australian.”

Paech won his seat in a Northern Territory election with an overwhelming number of votes.  

He wants to help indigenous LGBT people within his remote electorate as well as work toward same-sex adoption reform.  

The politician will also use his authority to work on getting better roads in the bush as well as housing, health and better education for Australia’s indigenous people.