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No progress made in Committee/SD Pride Board stalemate

Community Negotiating Committee are still not satisfied with the San Diego Pride Board's lack of response.
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Timothy Rawles - SDGLN

In a month-long battle with the San Diego Pride Board, the Community Negotiating Committee, put in place to arrange terms on the future direction of the organization, has released a letter stating that talks have “gone nowhere.”

"We have determined that the current Board of Directors of San Diego LGBT Pride is not operating in good faith," the Committee states in a letter to the media. "Instead, the Community Negotiating Committee has been met with hostility, slander, and stonewalling."

These allegations have forced the negotiating committee to have a town hall meeting on Sunday, November 13, at 2 pm at the Joyce Beers Community Center located at Vermont St, San Diego, 92103. 

They are requesting a public vote of no-confidence in the Pride Board and will insist that most of the board members resign.

The committee would like the immediate resignation of Pride Board Secretary Jaime Carrillo for, “his inappropriate behavior toward a pride volunteer, intoxication at board functions while acting in an official capacity and failure to keep and post the Pride Board of Directors meeting minutes."

They are also asking that Pride Board Director Lynn-Barnes Wallace be removed for what they call “incendiary” comments and “hostile” actions against the Community Negotiating Committee.

In August the Board surprised the community by voting Executive Director Stephen Whitburn out of his position, causing many to wonder why they would make such a move after San Diego experienced its most successful Pride event to date last July.

Community members stormed the Pride offices armed with ultimatums and demands, one being to re-instate Whitburn to his post immediately. 

Further conversations broke down two weeks ago when the Committee accused Board member Lynn-Barnes Wallace of disrespecting members of the community team.

It was announced that the “community five” have branched out to form a new organization called the Pride Community Accountability Committee.

The stalemate continues and in an open letter to the Pride Board, the committee says that their new organization will produce annual San Diego Pride events if the Board remains recalcitrant.

They also say they will organize a volunteer strike at the 2017 Pride event, and "File complaints with any public body which provides San Diego Pride financial support including but not limited to the City of San Diego via the Commission on Arts and Culture which provided a $118,000 taxpayer funded grant and the County of San Diego that provided another grant."

The Committee says it will release further information about the upcoming Nov. 13 town hall meeting in the coming weeks.  

They have also created an online organization called Save San Diego Pride.

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