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Brutal hate crime assailant gets 17 years

Christo Oncke was sentenced to 17 years for the killing of Dawid Olyne a gay man in Ceres.
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Die Son

CERES, South Africa -- The person who viciously attacked and killed a gay man has been sentenced to 17 years in jail.

The assailant, Christo Oncke (pictured above) was convicted of killing David Olyne (pictured left), 21, in Cape Town, South Africa in March, 2014.

The victim was beaten, strangled, then set on fire according to News24.

After the murder the killer went out to karaoke.

Oncke said he beat up Olyne because he made a sexual advance, but denies killing him. Oncke was found guilty of murder in an apparent hate crime.

The story becomes more gruesome as it is reported that the assailant allegedly invited friends over to watch him kill the 21-year old. The group watched as Oncke pummeled his victim with a brick.

Olyne’s charred remains were found the next day, still tied up with metal wire.

Seventeen witnesses testified that the Oncke went around bragging that he was going to kill a “moffie,” an epithet for a homosexual.

“By his own words he had assaulted [Olyne],” Judge Siraj Desai has said. “He said he was sexually attacked by Olyne and that caused him to react the way he did. He meant to hurt him and this points to it being a hate crime.”

Oncke’s legal counsel, Gerrit Badenhorst, defended him by taking into account his mental health, also saying that his client admitted to the assault, but not murder, "we must consider one person could not have committed these acts alone,” said Badenhorst.

State prosecutor Ntsoaki Mabilietse said, “The community deserves to be protected. It has become far too common for these types of crimes to be committed against the LGTBI community and remain unpunished.” 

Others are concerned that there are people still free who may have taken part in the slaying.