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George Pernicano, owner of long vacant Pernicano's property in Hillcrest, dies at 99

George Pernicano, owner of a long vacant property in the heart of Hillcrest, died today at the age of 99, reports CBS 8 News.

Pernicano, who along with Baron Hilton and other prominent San Diegans brought the Chargers to San Diego from Los Angeles in 1961, opened Pernicano's on 6th Avenue, and Casa di Baffi on 5th Ave. in the 1940's. In its heyday, the venues were hot spots for movie stars, famous athletes and special events. The restaurant closed in 1985 and has been vacant for 31 years, causing much community concern for 3 decades about the future of this prominenty located property.

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The San Diego Chargers first announced Pernicano's death earlier today in a Tweet that read:"Everybody at Chargers is saddened to learn of the passing of George Pernicano. The Chargers Hall of Famer died today at the age of 99.

Pernicano's Hillcrest property which spans two blocks, remains vacant today, which happens to be the day the San Diego Planning Commission is voting on updates to the Uptown Community Plan. If passed in the form presented, the Uptown plan will allotw changes to height restrictions and density regulations that could allow for a different type of development on the property if it is sold.

Pernicano is survived by his sons Gary and Larry; grandchildren Tony, Michelle, Tina, George, Aimee and Andrew; and 13 great grandchildren.

The family still operates a restaurant in El Cajon.