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Clowns are sweeping the nation, law enforcement is concerned

Creepy clowns are frightening the US, and some authorities are concerned.
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What used to be a source of entertainment is becoming that of fear as clowns are frightening people in epidemic proportions around the country and has some kids scared in San Diego.

ABC 10 News reports that members of a Lemon Grove little league team are looking over their shoulders due to eerie posts on social media made by the face-painted hellions stating, “…IB, Chula Vista and Bonita. We’re coming for u!!”

Ball player Leah Shiflet says she’s a little unnerved at the thought of them watching her.

“It kinda freaks me out to think that ‘whoa, is there someone behind me?” she said.

The evil clown craze is sweeping the country, and it does appear to be in good Halloween fun, but a case at Texas University ended in a letter from school security to students saying a fellow student was attacked in a housing complex by one of the monsters.

In fact, the Tampa Bay Florida Sheriff’s Department has warned citizens against using clown outfits as thier preferred costume this year.

Another report from Philadelphia cited a 13-year old girl being taken into custody for allegedly donning the disguise to threaten other schools.

“It kinda makes me concerned,” Shiflet confesses “like at night I kinda feel like it’s hard for me to sleep. If I hear something I'm like ‘whoa,’ or if I have my light on they'll see out my window.”

Shiflet and her friend Leia Bourne are hoping that the phenomena will die down eventually, but until it does they will be extra careful.

“I am concerned about people around me and how they might be attacked by a clown, or how I might be attacked by a clown. It's weird it's like a horror movie,” said Bourne.

Shiflet adds: “There's a lot of crazy people out there that have sick minds that just like to do things for their own crazy pleasure. It just has me thinking like why?”  

ABC 10 said in their report that Chula Vista Police have had no calls about the clowns yet, but they are prepared for the possible threat.