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Straight prisoners must remove racy posters, gays can keep theirs

Olympic gold medal winner Adam Peaty.
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Straight inmates in UK prisons have been told to remove topless posters of women from their cells reports The Gay Times.

Authorities at HMP High Down prison in Surry say that some straight inmates have hung hardcore images of women inside their quarters and it was offending other prisoners and prison officials.

However according to the report gay male inmates were not required to remove images of half-dressed men such as David Beckham, Aiden Turner or gold medalist Adam Peaty (seen above).

Inmate Carl Lindin, a former London Democrat spokesman for the LGB community and later convicted of defrauding the elderly, says that asking straight prisoners to take down their posters while his get to remain isn’t right.

“Who decides what is distasteful?” He wrote in the prison newspaper The Insider. “I have pictures of Olympian Adam Peaty in his trunks but apparently that’s fine.”

He adds: “It is unfair on my fellow inmates to have their walls stripped bare whilst mine is left alone.”

A prison Guard at High Down told The Metro that there is a difference in intensity between what gay men have displayed as opposed to what straight inmates chose to look at. 

“The stuff some prisoners have is hardcore and can’t be compared to Poldark with his shirt off,” he said.