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'Equality Kansas' says vandalized truck was meant to be a bomb

Equality Kansas says tampered truck was meant to be an incendiary device.
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Wichita Police are investigating a report that someone tried to turn a truck into a bomb after the city's Pride event late last month.

According to a police report, sometime on the evening of Sept. 25 or the morning of Sept. 26, suspicious alterations were made to a vehicle used for Pride. 

Authorities found a cut battery cable and recovered a gas can and drill bit beneath the rental truck.

Someone vandalized the U-Haul while it was parked at the offices of Equality Kansas, one of the leading LGBT advocacy groups in the state.   

Sgt. Nikki Woodrow of the Wichita Police Department says no suspects have been identified and neither has their motive. The crime is being treated as destruction to a vehicle and is under further investigation according to The Wichita Eagle.

Director of Equality Kansas, Thomas Witt, says he believes anti-LGBT protesters are to blame for the attempted booby trap. He also thinks the 24-foot truck was meant to ignite at some point.

The vehicle was used to transport tables, chairs and other supplies to the Pride festivities. 

“Somebody tried to turn a vehicle that was parked here at our building into an improvised incendiary device,” Witt said. “I’m angry. It’s 2016. Gay people shouldn’t have to be facing things like that.”

The damage was discovered the day after Pride at 9 am,  as the orgnization was getting ready to return the vehicle to the rental depot.

However, the truck would not start and nobody could access to the battery because it was housed inside a lock box.

They called U-Haul who sent out a mechanic and it was he who discovered the damage.

Equality Kansas have increased security around their building.

Witt said he believes if the person who tampered with the truck was trying to scare them, they failed.

 “It’s ridiculous to think they’re going to terrorize us into stopping what we’re doing,” he said. “We’re not going to stop.”