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Kleins officially announce closure of bakery via Facebook

Owners of controversial bakery make official announcement they are shuttered on Facebook.
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Sweet Cakes by Melissa -- Facebook

The controversial bakery in Oregon that refused to bake a wedding cake for lesbian couple Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer in 2013, made the official announcement Thursday they have closed for good on their Facebook page.

“The Kleins closed their business months ago and simply now updated their page to reflect that,” said Hiram Sasser, an attorney for the ex-business owners. 

The Kleins were sued by the lesbian couple and ordered to pay $135,000 to which they started a GoFundMe page to allay the personal burden of that judgement raising over $500,000.

However, in September of 2015 after first agreeing to secure a payment plan, refused to get a bond or letter of credit and had “no further plans to obtain one.”

The majority of posters in response to the Facebook announcement seem mostly supportive of the Kleins, some praising their determination and convictions.

“Love to have you in GA- you would be in the Bible Belt- we love Jesus,sweet tea, grits, college football and our fire arms!!! - God will open a new door for your family that has been faithful.” – Kelly Drawdy

“Praying for you guys, you did what was right in the eyes of our Lord and that is what counts. Our time here is short, you made the right choice, thank you so much for standing up for right even when it cost you your business, Lord bless you all.” –Steven Michael Kalmikov

“Keep pushing against these cultural dictators, and God bless y'all for staying true to your beliefs!” – Rocky D. Hawkins

“i am so sorry melissa and aaron, i am so proud of your courage and stand for Christ, God bless you and your family.” – Karyn Mitchell

“hmm... looks like the enemy was trying to get the doors closed, and not really worried about a cake. are we going to let the enemy win? this is not over... rename and relocate. don't quit!! laws and legal fees can be removed legally, one just needs to know the loopholes.” – Jeff Jackson

Oregon Live reports that the Kleins did pay the damages last year, but the plantiffs have yet to receive the money because it is tied up in, “government escrow account until the end of appeals.”