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NC Sheriff says trans kids should be dealt with like 'head lice'

Sherriff Donnie Harrison of Wake County, N.C. wants to treat trans students as you would a head lice infestation.
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Sheriff Donnie Harrison of Wake County, N.C. isn’t happy with how school administrators are handling policy when it comes to their transgender students reports LGBTQ Nation.

The law official is so upset that he wants to remove his security team from their assignments in the school district..  

“I’m thinking about pulling my school resource officers out of those schools,”  Harrison said in an interview with WRAL-TV. “If we can’t have a better relationship, if they can’t work with us, I don’t know how we can work with them.”

To clarify exactly what he means, in an email to a reporter from Indyweek, a Raleigh-Durham digital publication, he suggests that parents should be notified of a transgender student in the school much like they would if there was a head lice infestation.

“The concern I have is the parents of ‘ALL’ the students and SRO’s should know the policies of the school and school board.

Then the parent has a say whether they want their child in the dress out room or not with a transgender student.

If my SRO’s know then there is no confusion. 

The school sends out messages if a child has head lice so parents can make their own decisions as to what to do with the child, so why not allow them to make the decision on whether their child should be in the dress out room or as well.”

Sheriff Harrison is adamant that his position on the matter has nothing to do with the transphobic legislation currently in place in that state. Specifically, HB 2, a law that restricts trans children from using any public facility that isn’t labeled with their biological sex.

 In contrast, Harrison told Indyweek that the restrictive policies that are in place are being ignored by the district anyway, calling to reference an incident where a principal allowed a trans student to use the girls' restroom.

Bolstering his lack of knowledge and sensitivity about transgender issues, he blatantly misgenders the student when speaking about the incident to the Indyweek reporter.

“She [The Principal] had allowed this person, male that is transgender, going to be a female, to go in there as long as he did not take off his underwear,” he said.

Growing more heated at the line of questioning during the interview, he said, “Let me ask you this, If you had a daughter in school and there was a transgender [sic] dressing in the bathroom, wouldn’t you want to know?”

The Indyweek reporter stated that they wouldn’t care, to which the sheriff snapped, “Well, we don’t see eye to eye on that."