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Two ex-nuns fall in love with each other, leave church and tie the knot

Two ex-nuns have wed each other in Italy.
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Two former Catholic nuns have decided to end their vows with Christ and renew them with each other.

European publication Pink News reports that the two women exchanged nuptials in Italy after that country passed a civil union bill, a law which legalizes same-sex unions.

Three years ago Fredrica and Isabel fell in love during a South African mission.

They were a part of the Franciscan order, which follows closely to the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Forced to abandon the church because of its views on homosexuality, they realized that their happiness was more important.

“God wants people to be happy,” Federica told La Stampa. “We call upon our church to welcome all people who love each other.”

They chose the Northern town of Pinerolo as their wedding spot after a few alterations to their original plans out of concern for privacy. 

Franco Barbero, an ex-priest blessed the two women. Barbero also left the church after questioning their attitudes toward the LGBT community.

Barbero says that Federica and Isabel’s story is, “like all the love stories in the world. They are two marvelous people, with very deep faith.”

He adds, “They reflected for a long time and took the decision courageously, knowing it wouldn’t be accepted.”

The catholic church has come under some criticism lately from LGBT advocates. They recently praised activists in Mexico who rallied against same-sex marriage.

Pink News also reports that last April the Pope affirmed his belief that the church should oppose LGBT equality and same-sex marriage.

In his report, he states that gay people should seek normality and there are “absolutely no grounds” for the church to accept gay marriage.