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More protests planned today for El Cajon shooting

Police retreat as protesters in El Cajon rally over the shooting of a black man.
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ABC 10 News

More protests are planned today in El Cajon today, after an officer-involved shooting ended with the suspect dying from his injuries at the local hospital.

Many protestors were out in force last night at a strip mall on Broadway. They were met with a few officers in riot gear and canine units.

However, the officers retreated from the growing crowd, but not before protestors spit on them and called them obscenities.

Some joined prayer circles in peaceful protest.

“No matter what you believed happened, no matter what you think happened, is that you pray for our city and our county, that what we see happening around the country: innocent people being shot and protesters being shot; we don't want that to happen here. So I pray that we be peaceful and let the process take its place and let the truth come out,” said Miles McPherson, pastor of Rock Church, at a police news conference.

ABC 10 San Diego reports that there will be another protest held today at 9 am, in front of the El Cajon Police headquarters. Religious leaders will be there to offer support, as will the NAACP.

"These police officer shootings are modern day lynchings,” said Mallory Webb, the president of the NAACP Youth Council in a statement. “But instead of blacks hanging in the middle of the town square or on trees alongside the main road, we are witnessing killings repeatedly on social media and TV."

The shooting took place on Tuesday night when officers responded to a call that a man was walking in traffic and acting erratically.

Officers then followed the man into an alley where it is reported they asked him to remove his hand from the front of his pants. 

El Cajon police Capt. Frank LaHaye said, “Because the subject did not comply, the officer drew his firearm and pointed it at the subject while continuing to give him instructions to remove his hand from his pocket.”

Police say the man was pacing back and forth, but officers tried to calm him down.

A lieutenant reports that the suspect then, "rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together and extended them rapidly toward the officer taking up what appeared to be a shooting stance." 

One officer fired several shots at the man, while another utilized a Taser. Witnesses said they heard five shots fired.

The two experienced officers involved in the shooting have been put on administrative leave per protocol.

Police Chief Jeff Davis promises a thorough and transparent multi-agency investigation.