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Rady Children’s Hospital responds to allegations of transgender discrimination

Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego
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Yesterday San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reported that the mother of late transgender teen Kyler Prescott (pictured left) filed a lawsuit against Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego for alleged discrimination she says happened when she admitted her 14-year-old son to the hospital last April.

Katharine Prescott says that even though she asked that her son be identified as a boy the facility constantly treated him as his biological sex.

She also claims that the hospital discharged Kyler two days early after she admitted him for “suicidal ideation and self-inflicted bodily harm.”

Kyler died by suicide just over a month after he was discharged. 

SDGLN reached out to Rady for a response to Prescott’s allegations.

Rady Children’s Hospital provided SDGLN with the following statement:

“At Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, our top priority is providing the absolute highest level of care to our patients and families.

While it is the policy of Rady Children’s not to comment on pending legal matters, any allegations of wrongdoing, including discrimination, are investigated thoroughly and followed up on."

Rady’s website states that they provide “comprehensive” and “compassionate” care to transgender kids through their Gender Management Clinic.

Under the direction of Maja Marinkovic, M.D., and Ron Newfield, M.D., the Gender Management Clinic claims they “strongly believe that these children deserve to have a medical home at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.”

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