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Brea driver gets ticket after using dummy in carpool lane

A freeway driver tries to trick the system by using a dummy in the HOV lane.
Photo credit:
Brea Police - Twitter

BREA, Ca. -- One enterprising driver in Brea thought he could trick the system by placing a mannequin in the driver’s seat while he utilized the HOV lanes.

A motorcycle officer pulled the pickup truck over at around 5 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 21. 

NBC 7 San Diego reports that the truck was traveling northbound on the 57 freeway in heavy traffic.

The truck reportedly “suddenly veered out of the carpool” lane next to a police officer who pulled him over to give him a warning about safely changing lanes.

As the officer looked through the window, he noticed something different about the passenger according to a Brea Police Facebook post, "He was surprised to see that the passenger in the vehicle was actually a mannequin."

The mannequin, missing the bottom half of its body, was dressed in a black sweatshirt wearing the hood with one of its arms resting on the seat.

The officer ticketed the driver for driving in the HOV lane alone. 

"The driver admitted to having done this for quite some time," Brea police reported.

He said to police, "he would now just accept the fact he needed to sit in traffic like everyone else."