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Log Cabin Republicans in D.C. won't back Trump

The D.C. chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans have voted to not endorse Trump.
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The Log Cabin Republicans have not made an official endorsement of their choice for president, but the local chapter in Washington D.C., have voted to not back Trump.

The vote finished at 56-percent against and 44-percent in favor of, but more importantly it opened up a brisk discussion according to The Washington Blade about who the conservative LGBT political group should endorse on a national level.

Bylaws in the organization say that local chapters cannot make an endorsement, but instead their testimonials are used by the national chapter as an aggregate of recommendations from which to make their decision.

Andrew Dresser, a member of the D.C. chapter’s board of directors originally wanted John Kasich during the primaries, but says endorsing Trump now would be a step in the right direction for the organization.

“Just to be clear, what I say tonight is not a personal endorsement,” he said. “This is not necessarily Andrew Dresser endorsing Donald Trump, but rather I’m recommending as a board member what I think is the best route for us to take as a club, as an organization, as a chapter of Log Cabin Republicans, which I care about tremendously.”

Club members who agree with Dresser add that if the Log Cabin Republicans don’t make Trump their candidate, if  he's elected their politcal influence would be minimized based on the club's rejection. 

“Is Donald Trump my champion of conservatism?” asked member Daniel Couladis. “Absolutely not, but we have a lot to lose if the liberals get four more years of putting their claws in all aspects of our society.”

On the con side was lesbian activist Casey Pick, a longtime member of the group She said an endorsement for Trump would affect her on a personal level.

“I spent enough time lobbying against bullies and bullying that the idea of making my decision because I don’t want the biggest bully on the block to see me?” she asked iat Wednesday's meeting. “That’s not the way I want to make a decision.”

Her suggestion was to stand with Republican men and women in congress who refuse to join Trump's team. 

Gregory Angelo, executive director of the national Log Cabin Republicans. was also at the meeting, but says he is not going to give his opinion on the issue, but the outcome of the vote will definitely be considered on a national level.

“The clubs govern themselves in this regard,” he said. “I want to solicit their opinion and this is one instance where we’re soliciting a club’s opinion.”