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Uber driver shot at by rider after returning his lost phone

An Uber driver was shot at by a fare after returning his lost phone.
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An Uber driver trying to do a good deed was met with gunfire this past August from a teen who riddled his luxury car with bullets. 

On August 7, ABC 10 reports that Brandon Williams picked up a young man who left his cellphone in the $50,000 Mercedes Benz after the trip was over. 

Allegedly some riders found it, hacked into it and began posting comments on the teen's Snapchat account.

“The shooter got wind of it before I was able to return his phone,” Williams said.

That same evening, Williams drove to the owner's home in Valencia Park to return the device, but wasn’t met with a hero’s welcome.

Williams said, “He was standing outside waiting for me. After I handed him the phone he started screaming profanities at me. I started to pull off slowly at that point because it was a hostile situation.”

According to Williams that’s when he heard multiple shots, “loud banging” and “glass shattering.”

“It was like a semi-automatic so I just thought to duck down as far as I could and drive as fast as I can in a straight line,” he said.

The police were notified and the suspect was put under arrest.

Williams, who says he now suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is distraught because Uber will not pay for the damage and neither will his own insurance company.

“Because my personal insurance policy doesn’t cover commercial vandalism,” he said. “Over $15,000 which makes my vehicle totaled."

The driver says he won’t be answering ride requests anytime soon, and hopes that Uber will someday put a policy in place for lost items to be retrieved by their owners in a single location.

The 10 News report said they tried reaching out to the ridesharing service about insurance, but they could not comment because those policies are handled by a third party.

The network also tried to contact the driver’s personal insurance company but have not yet heard back from them.