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North Park woman assaulted by homeless lady, police can't make arrest

Cheri Roediger says she was assaulted in her apartment complex courtyard by a homeless woman and police are powerless.
Photo credit:
ABC 10 News

A North Park woman allegedly asked a sleeping transient to leave her apartment complex and was met with a violent attack, and police say they can do nothing about it.

ABC 10 News reports that Cheri Roediger was physically accosted by a homeless woman on Monday, Sept. 12.

Roediger was left with a black eye, multiple bruises and pulled hair.

A woman, who the victim says usually sleeps on the property’s lawn, was instead asleep in the gated stairwell that day. 

“I told her 'you can’t sleep here,' and I went to take a picture and she came up and just clocked me," Roediger said. 

Roediger tells 10 News that she was dropped to the floor and punched many times, but tried her best not to retaliate. 

The victim’s 14-year-old son called the police as he watched his mother being assaulted.  

But the police were not able to arrest the assailant because one of the neighbors in the complex allowed the homeless woman to use her mailing address to receive parcels. 

According to Roediger, police said the woman has a proof of address and an established residency, therefore they couldn't even ask her to leave. 

“I just don’t understand the laws, I seriously got trashed," Roediger said. "I didn’t hit back -- until God I had to get up --and man, I just got beat up in front of my kid, in front of my house, doesn’t seem fair.”

Police told the news station that there is a residency dispute between the homeless woman and a neighbor, something of which they cannot become involved.

However, police did cite the woman for misdemeanor battery and have sent the case to the City Attorney for prosecution.

You can see the full ABC 10 News television report HERE.