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A country for and ruled by gays is in the planning stages

A gay-run sovereign territory could be a reality some day.
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What if you could move to a country where the LGBT community was the majority? In fact, the LGBT inhabitants weren’t only the majority, they were the governing power.

Believe it or not, that’s the idea behind Viktor Zimmerman’s plan to find a region large and affordable enough to plan a gay utopia.

And this wouldn’t be Fire Island in the summer, it would be an official polis with a single city, flag, laws and constitution.  

Zimmerman is the executive director of the Gay Homeland Foundation, the organization behind this bold idea and he’s not fickle about trying to make it become a reality.

“We need a cultural and political centre, where we can develop new, better ways of gay living that are more suited to our nature,” Zimmerman told Vice in an interview. “There would be no more cultural oppression from the hetero; all the public spaces would be decorated with gay artwork.”

The visionary also says that having a gay homeland would offer others in more oppressed parts of the world a place to escape from abuse, arranged marriages and discriminatory employment.

“Due to strict immigration restrictions, these people simply cannot relocate to another country,” he said. “A gay country would be a very good option for these gay folks.”

One might think that fixing what’s wrong with homophobic counties which already exist might be a better way to make changes instead of creating a gay-led exclusive city-state, but Zimmerman says, "There is no contradiction between the existence of a gay state and the improvement of gay rights in various existing nations.”

He continues to say that LGBT progress has been made through liberal democracies and it’s been a, “difficult process that is still unfinished.” But warns, “We also need to remember that human rights can be taken away as easily as they were granted.”

Establishing a gay-state is a complicated undertaking but Zimmernan says it’s not beyond the scope of reality if there is a solid plan-of-action.  

“The first step is the formation of a non-territorial sovereign entity – a state without a territory. The entity would resettle gay refugees and help them with housing and jobs. Economic activities will be essential at this stage in order to give people employment and gain revenues for the security-related expenses. A gay development bank would help to establish small- and medium-size businesses to empower our people economically.”

The location of this LGBT utopia is also something that he takes into consideration. He says it should be a, “cheap and habitable land available in a warm climate by the seaside.” He offers a few of his ideal locations such as South America or, “A friendly Buddhist country in southeast Asia.”

He even entertains the idea of a man-made seagoing structure, “They are currently being developed by an organisation called the Seasteading Institute, which is heavily funded by Peter Thiel, the gay guy who made a fortune by co-founding Paypal,” he said.

One important question is how this city-state would regenerate its population. Zimmerman has an answer for that too.

“Immigration," he says in the Vice interview. "We all know how gay babies are made – there are millions of them being born into this world year by year, without any effort on our side.”

He also says that straights would be allowed to live in the country, but their numbers would be limitied and they wouldn't get to make important decisions. 

Although it may sound good on paper, the idea is not a simple task and to become a reality its architecture would require a massive amount of civil and political drafting. But Zimmerman says there are successful examples of his visionary ideal throughout history. 

"Legally, the foundation of the gay state is viable," he explains. "There have been precedents for the establishment of new states via treaties, such as the creation of the Vatican state, and there have been multiple legal precedents for the peaceful acquisition of land. There have also been precedents for international recognition of non-territorial sovereign entities, such as the Order of Malta. We are confident that one day gay people will have territorial control over a sovereign territory."