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Palm Springs Pride makes Orlando victims their 'National Grand Marshals'

Palm Springs Pride is Nov. 1, to Nov. 4.
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Palm Springs Pride is going to be honoring the 49 victims of the Pulse massacre by making them the “National Grand Marshals” of the annual festival.

On June 12, 2016, a lone gunman entered the nightclub on a Latino-themed night and opened fire into the crowd, killing 49 and injuring 53.

Palm Springs Pride is one of the later-year festivals in California and runs from November 1, to November 4.

Along with the National Grand Marshals, writer and producer Del Shores will lead the parade as Grand Marshal” and singer-entertainer Nicky Ciampoli will serve as “Community Grand Marshal.”

 Ron deHarte, President of Greater Palm Springs Pride said honoring the Pulse victims at this year's celebration is more than just a tribute.

“We will honor and remember the victims of the June 12 shooting and we will stand up for others who have lost their lives to anti-LGBT violence,” he said in a statement.

Director of Palm Springs Tourism, Mary Jo Ginther, said she is proud of the city’s support of LGBT rights and, “Pride is the perfect opportunity to show solidarity with those effected by the Orlando shootings, and more widely with anyone who has ever been effected by anti-LGBT violence.”

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