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12-year-old stands up to hate in Mexico

A young Mexican boy tries to stop thousands marching in opposition to gay marriage.
Photo credit:
Manuel Rodriguez

Earlier this morning San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reported on the hundreds of marchers who walked to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City on Sunday in retaliation to the thousands who marched in opposition to marriage equality the day before.

The conservative group Frente Nacional por la Familia took to the streets all over the nation, but one roadway in Celaya, Guanajuato was blocked by a 12-year-old boy who stood in protest over the oncoming mob of detractors. 

Reporter Manuel Rodriguez captured the moment, not thinking the young rebel was serious.  

“At first I thought the child was only playing,” he told Regeneracion.

 Upon later investigation, the photographer found out that the child’s passionate stance had a personal meaning.

 “I have an uncle who is gay,” the child told Rodríguez. “I hate that they hate him.”

Last May, President Enrique Pena proposed that the nation legalize same-sex marriage which angered many conservatives in the country.

Mexico City recognizes same-sex marriage, but only ten of the country's 31 states have followed suit.

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